Interrobang, What’s that !?

The interrobang or exclarogation point is a rare punctuation form which implies both interrogation and exclamation
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Conviction #4

Innovation is a state of mind.

tilt ideas
3 expertises

1. innovation

/ ie. Implementing and facilitating internal innovation processes
/ Creating new initiatives, new products, new services, new brands, new brand names, new commitments, thru our Tiltdays methodology…
/ Improving your existing offers thru our Speed Dating or Lego© methodologies
/ Generating co-created concepts with the help of consumers or partners within your company’s eco-system
/ Enhancing your staff I.Q [Initiative Quality] by building an innovation-oriented culture & creativity thru innovation training


2. branding

/ ie. Challenging  your P&L and brand strategy thru our Fresh Eyes methodology
/ Searching for new brand positioning or repositioning
/ Facilitating branding  training, thru our Vision Mission Values  program
/ Creating brands, brand names and logos
/ Setting strategic opportunities for your brand extension or co-branding

3. prospective

/ ie. Setting several scenarios to better face the future prospects of your company
/ Searching for weak trends signals thru our Trends Surveys
/ Facilitating qualitative surveys and studies
/ Fuelling your company with datas, thru our interrobang monthly newsletter which tracks outstanding initiatives and brands trends around the world